Daily Archives: July 28, 2016

Inge du Plessis is exhibiting at 9 Ray Lea Close (Venue 5). Painting My recent body of work, tentatively titled, Light Husbandry and the Tales I Tell Myself, revolves around two main ideas. The first being the narrative we use to describe, to draw ourselves in our own saga – how we contextualise ourselves – sometimes perceptive truth, […]

Inge du Plessis

Clarissa Galliano is exhibiting at 2 Gatehouse Cottages (Venue 7). Drawing and Painting Clarissa is a visual artist. Everything she does begins with drawing from something observed. Scale and material is dictated by her response to the subject. Very large charcoal and gesso drawings of contemporary botanical subjects. Recent abstract paintings and […]

Clarissa Galliano

Dana Kidson is exhibiting at 49 Lancaster Road (Venue 11). Jewellery. Dana’s work is inspired by a love of gems – juicy oversized specimens or tiny sugary crystals – and the way that metal accents, offsets and transforms them into sometimes playful, sometimes severe, wearable objects. “My work is inspired by a lifetime’s […]

Dana Kidson

Nichola Pitt is exhibiting  at Morar Altwood Close (Venue 15). Ceramics. Handmade functional stoneware ceramics. Nichola makes her quirky ceramics in her home studio in Reading. Using stoneware clay picked for its colour, texture and durability, and Japanese Celadon style glazes; she designs individually made tableware using complimentary colours and designs. […]

Nichola Pitt

Janet Richardson is exhibiting at 44 Twynham Road (Venue 13). Jewellery. Jewellery you will love forever. Made of predominantly silver with gorgeous coloured stones A varied selection to suit all purses unique, wearable silver jewellery, with accents of beautiful stones and 14ct gold fill. Many techniques are used, from the traditional […]

Janet Richardson