Ruth Archer is exhibiting at 38 Bridle Road (Venue 1) Painting Ruth trained as a Landscape architect, a profession which combines artistic skills with a knowledge and love of natural and designed landscapes. As an artist working on the edge of the Peak District she aims to capture the fleeting effects of light […]

Ruth Archer

Patricia Ashcroft is exhibiting at Elizabeth House, Cookham (Venue 8) Painting Patricia paints mainly in a loose interpretation of her subject, heavily influenced by her love of the sea and the dynamic features within a landscape.

Patricia Ashcroft

Carolyn Beale is exhibiting at 48 Alwyn Road (Venue 12) Painting, Printmaking. Carolyn paints in a variety of styles and media, though watercolour was her first love. For the last few years she has been experimenting with printmaking. She enjoy the techniques of linocut, woodcut and collagraphs and loves the excitement […]

Carolyn Beale

Harriet Brittaine is exhibiting at Kings Walk, Nicholsons Centre (Venue 2). Painting. Harriet Brittaine is a figurative artist who works mainly in charcoal and oil paint. Since 2013 Harriet has been experimenting with very small painterly works through projects called “100 Paintings in 100 Days”. These 6×6” pieces focus on fluid […]

Harriet Brittaine

Kirsty Brooks is exhibiting at 13 Oaken Grove (Venue 9). Architectural Glass, Collage and Photography. Kirsty Brooks is an architectural glass artist based in Maidenhead. She attended Wimbledon College of Art and studied architectural glass and painting at Edinburgh College of Art. After graduating and moving to London, Kirsty worked […]

Kirsty Brooks

Barbara Cotterell is exhibiting at 30 Oaken Grove (Venue 10). Sculpture and Mixed Media Barbara takes commonly found objects and re-uses them to create pattern. She is developing an interest in change and decay to create more patterns. *protected email* materialspace.com

Barbara Cotterell

Susan Day is exhibiting at 30 Oaken Grove (Venue 10). Ceramics. Working with porcelain, I create textured lamps and collage vessels created in small batches. I enjoy the making process from preparing the clay to the final firing. Very soft clay responds differently to firmer clay and the patterns and textures […]

Susan Day

Martin Dutton is exhibiting at Nicholsons Centre (Venue 3). Watercolour. Watercolour landscapes based on memories and places that remind me of my childhood.

Martin Dutton

Inge du Plessis is exhibiting at 9 Ray Lea Close (Venue 5). Painting My recent body of work, tentatively titled, Light Husbandry and the Tales I Tell Myself, revolves around two main ideas. The first being the narrative we use to describe, to draw ourselves in our own saga – how we contextualise ourselves – sometimes perceptive truth, […]

Inge du Plessis

Clarissa Galliano is exhibiting at 2 Gatehouse Cottages (Venue 7). Drawing and Painting Clarissa is a visual artist. Everything she does begins with drawing from something observed. Scale and material is dictated by her response to the subject. Very large charcoal and gesso drawings of contemporary botanical subjects. Recent abstract paintings and […]

Clarissa Galliano

Stephanie Gay is exhibiting at 38 Bridle Road (Venue 1). Silk painting. Maidenhead artist Stephanie Gay specialises in painting on silk. Her paintings of British landscapes, flora and fauna feature a unique combination of delicate lustre, arresting colour and subtle texture not seen in other mediums. Stephanie was recently named Berkshire […]

Stephanie Gay

Jo Hall is exhibiting at Morar Altwood Close (Venue 15). Drawing, painting and prints. Jo’s work combines observation and imagination and includes representational drawings and paintings and more experimental compositions inspired by landscape, natural forms and museum objects in pencil, charcoal, pastel, ink and acrylic. A member of the AOI and Honorary and […]

Jo Hall


Nicola Hyslop

Jo Jobson is exhibiting at Elizabeth House, Cookham (Venue 8) Painting Paintings in oils, acrylics & mixed media. Jo’s paintings are inspired by places she has visited, both in the UK and overseas and by family memories. She is particularly interested in movement and colour and tends to work from her […]

Jo Jobson

Dana Kidson is exhibiting at 49 Lancaster Road (Venue 11). Jewellery. Dana’s work is inspired by a love of gems – juicy oversized specimens or tiny sugary crystals – and the way that metal accents, offsets and transforms them into sometimes playful, sometimes severe, wearable objects. “My work is inspired by a lifetime’s […]

Dana Kidson

Sue Looker is exhibiting at Elizabeth House, Cookham (Venue 8) Painting Sea and landscape paintings in acrylic. Atmospheric images built from gestural mark making and multi layered glazes.

Sue Looker

Sarah Luton is exhibiting at 30 Oaken Grove (Venue 10). Oils, watercolours, acrylics and drawings. “Whilst I love painting portraits from life, much of my work is landscapes which I paint en plein air. I work mainly in oils but also use watercolour. Working from life means I have to paint […]

Sarah Luton

Kirsty Meredith is exhibiting at Nicholsons Centre (Venue 3). Photography. Kirsty is currently studying BA (Hons) Photography at the University of West London. She has recently exhibited for the first time with Bucks Open Studios where she showcased her latest architecture & documentary photography. Kirsty is currently working on new personal […]

Kirsty Meredith

Lydia Pierce is exhibiting at Elizabeth House, Cookham (Venue 8) Painting Lydia has a lively, contemporary and expressive painting style using vibrant colours. The paintings are largely of the natural environment and buildings and structures. Inspired by a love of colour and light, the art aims to capture a sense of […]

Lydia Pierce

Jenni Pink Costello is exhibiting at 48 Alwyn Road (Venue 12). Lampwork glass and jewellery. Jenni designs and makes her own original lampwork glass and jewellery.  Each piece is unique and individual showing her passion for spots, circles and colour which can be seen through her bold but simple and vibrant […]

Jenni Pink Costello

Nichola Pitt is exhibiting  at Morar Altwood Close (Venue 15). Ceramics. Handmade functional stoneware ceramics. Nichola makes her quirky ceramics in her home studio in Reading. Using stoneware clay picked for its colour, texture and durability, and Japanese Celadon style glazes; she designs individually made tableware using complimentary colours and designs. […]

Nichola Pitt

Janet Richardson is exhibiting at 44 Twynham Road (Venue 13). Jewellery. Jewellery you will love forever. Made of predominantly silver with gorgeous coloured stones A varied selection to suit all purses unique, wearable silver jewellery, with accents of beautiful stones and 14ct gold fill. Many techniques are used, from the traditional […]

Janet Richardson

Sue Sepehri is exhibiting at Elizabeth House, Cookham (Venue 8) Painting A wide variety of paintings ranging from portraits of people and animals to landscapes near to home and also further afield.Mostly painted in acrylics but also from time to time in oils.

Sue Sepehri

Jen Sparks is exhibiting at 44 Twynham Road (Venue 13). Ceramics. Jen makes most of her pots on the wheel and fires them in an electric kiln with a variety of glazes, all made from raw materials, she specialises in stoneware clays.  Jen’s work is influenced by patterns from both nature […]

Jen Sparks

Jenny Thorn is exhibiting at 44 Twynham Road (Venue 13). Textiles. Jenny trained as a textile designer in the early 90’s and works with fabric as well as exploring the possibilities of what can be achieved with print. She is opening her home to share some of her enjoyment of her […]

Jenny Thorn

Satu Vartianen is exhibiting at 38 Bridle Road (Venue 1). Painting. Finnish born international artist, Satu Vartiainen lived for many years in Paris where she began to study art, drawing and painting. With a love of modern semi-abstract paintings, her own style lies somewhere between figurative and abstract. A composition will […]

Satu Vartiainen

Derin Waller is exhibiting at Elizabeth House, Cookham (Venue 8) Painting Derin paints in oil and acrylic and loves to draw using pencil, charcoal, chalks etc. Currently she is using a limited palette of acrylic paint.

Derin Waller

Gillian Warren-Price is exhibiting at Elizabeth House, Cookham (Venue 8) Painting Gillian began her studies at Newcastle College of Art. A particular interest is painting the landscape in all its forms, using a wide variety of media including oils, acrylics, inks, pastels and collage, often together.

Gillian Warren-Price

The Wednesday Group are exhibiting at Elizabeth House (Venue 8). The Wednesday Group displays a wide range of artistic styles. They meet regularly to paint together, providing inspiration and motivation for each other. There is a strong emphasis on pushing boundaries and creating individual pieces of work with the help of […]

The Wednesday Group