Sarah Luton

Sarah Luton is exhibiting at 30 Oaken Grove (Venue 10).
Oils, watercolours, acrylics and drawings.

“Whilst I love painting portraits from life, much of my work is landscapes which I paint en plein air. I work mainly in oils but also use watercolour. Working from life means I have to paint quickly but I can experience more than just the visual element. I notice the sound and smells and see incidental moments which may not be captured from a photograph. For example when I’m painting a landscape I might be aware of animals, birds or insects which might not have been there when I started.”

“I like painting people in my landscapes. Last summer I won the ‘Maidenhead and Me Competition’ with an oil on canvas, painted over several days en plein air. It captured Maidenhead High Street on a busy market day.”