Taking Part

If you are an artist interested in taking part in the Cookham and Maidenhead Arts Trail, please read the following rules, which includes details of the selection process.  If you are happy with the rules and would like to take part you can download the application form here.

Download Application Form

If you have any question please message us through the Contact Us page of this website.

Rules of Application


The Cookham and Maidenhead Arts Trail is a non-profit making community event. It is an opportunity for artists to showcase their art in their working environment or selected exhibition spaces. The trail allows the public to meet the artists and learn about the processes involved in the development of the work. The event is free and everyone is welcome, the venues are located within a 5-mile radius and are open from 10am till 6pm Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th 2018. Refreshments and demonstrations are available at many venues. There may be a group exhibition showing a selection of every participant’s work at Norden Farm, Centre for the Arts, Maidenhead. TBC.

Purpose of Camat

  1. To promote high quality visual arts in the Cookham and Maidenhead area.
  2. To encourage participation in the arts by inspiring the public with work by
    high quality artists and makers, demonstrating artistic practice and process.
  3. To educate the public in the processes involved in the production of art.
  4. To facilitate the sales and marketing of artists in the area.
  5. To demonstrate the talent found in the area.

Event Detail

  1. The Trail will be held on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th September between 10am and 6pm. All venues must open for the whole of the designated time. Venues must be within the boundary of Maidenhead and Cookham. Artists are expected to have a small selection of work available for the exhibition at Norden Farm which will not be available to show at their venues.

Artists must abide by the following rules

  1. It is free to apply for the trail. All artists accepted to take part must pay a fee of £45, before the deadline of 10th May if they want to be included in the Trail in the September of the same year.
  2. For a group, the fee will be £45 for the 1st person at a venue plus £20 for each additional participant up to a maximum of £145 per venue. Only one image will be published in the brochure for a group. A list of participants of a group will be on the website. NB. If participants at the same venue want to be represented individually with their own photo in the brochure, the fee will be £45 for each participant.
  3. Venues must be within the boundary specified by the committee but artists do not have to reside in the area.
  4. Venues must be suitable for the public to visit; new venues may be inspected for suitability by members of the committee.
  5. Artists must be prepared to open their studios for the whole time period i.e. 10am to 6pm over both days.
  6. Artists must provide a venue or join up with existing venues. It is not the responsibility of the committee to source suitable venues.
  7. Artists can only display at their venue the work of other artists who have been selected through the application process, even if it is a group application. Failure to comply with this may jeopardize your own participation and the acceptance of the group as a whole.
  8. Artists must have Public Liability Insurance. (We suggest obtaining this though AN. www.a-n.co.uk/register-artist.) Artists are responsible for the health and safety at their venue and for insurance of their own work.
  9. At least four images preferably in landscape format must be submitted for the brochure before the deadline (1st April). These images must be good quality, high resolution jpegs of at least 1MB, which can be emailed with your application or uploaded to Dropbox. Please include your name in the file name eg. ‘SLuton Blue house’. They may be cropped or manipulated before publication. By submitting the images the artist is giving permission for the material to be used in the brochure, the website and social media. NB. The brochure images are an important tool for the public to decide which venues to visit.
  10. Artists must include an artist’s statement on the application form.
  11. Fully completed application forms and images must be received by 1st April.
  12. Artists must contribute to publicising the event by distributing leaflets in advance of the Trail weekend.
  13. Artists must be prepared to provide 3 pieces of work that will potentially be hung at the joint exhibition at Norden Farm. (see Exhibition section)

Selection Process

  1. All Artists applying to take part in the Trail will be subject to the selection process, even if they have participated in previous years.
  2. Selection is made by the Selection Panel and is based on points 3 to 8 below. The decision of the panel is final. The panel will be made up of committee members. There is no interview process.
  3. All artists (including each member of exhibiting groups) must submit four images of recent work, preferably landscape format (no more than five years old) for consideration by the panel. They must be high resolution jpegs which can be emailed or uploaded onto Dropbox.
  4. All work must be of a professional standard, good draughtsmanship and of a high skill level.
  5. All work must be original.
  6. Artists must be able to exhibit their practice during the trail, for example prototypes and sketchbooks or similar should be available for the public to see.
  7. Artists’ demonstrations are encouraged.
  8. The panel can select an applicant based on the type of work submitted, this is to ensure that there is a balance through the whole trail.
  9. Artists can be deselected at any time if any of the rules above are broken.

Exhibition at Norden Farm (To be confirmed)

  1. There may be an opportunity to show work in a group exhibition at Norden Farm which will take place in September. Artists wanting to take part must be aware that any work hung there will not be available for the Camat weekend at their venue.
  2. Artists must email images of 3 pieces of work that will potentially be hung. Email with title, medium, dimensions including frame, and price by August 20th. Please put your name in the file name of each image.
  3. All three original pieces must be brought to Norden Farm on Monday 3rd September between 9am and 10am and MUST have mirror plates already attached ready for hanging. D-rings with string/wire will NOT be accepted and the work will not be included in the exhibition. This is to adhere to Norden Farm’s strict hanging guidelines. A choice of 3 pieces of work will give the curators flexibility to make a cohesive show.
  4. It is not possible to display 3D work unless it is wall-mounted in a box frame or similar and ready for hanging as above.
  5. All works must have a label on the back with artist’s name, title of work, medium, price including commission. (Norden Farm will take 10% commission)
  6. Work not hung must be collected on request. (Details TBC)
  7. Unsold work must collected on Monday 24th September and signed out before leaving by 10am.

A PDF version of the rules is available here.

Rules and Information